Access property information across the UK, at your fingertips, delivered at the speed of light…

Makes insurance easy

Behind the Bricks reduces consumer form fill, provides the ability for instant multiple valuations & price setting, simplifies claims management.

Filling the gaps

​Over 2 billion data points, provenanced, date stamped, and verified against a range of additional sources. ​A​ll the data you need to reduce significantly​, ​your system’s automatic rejection rates caused by missing data, wrong data or verification issues.

Simple to implement

Our API Plug-in is available via the .NET NuGet platform, and is simple to integrate with your existing systems, with no up-front fees.

“The One-Stop Data Shop for the Insurance industry" Published Sept 19 2018

“API Is the New Black" Published Apr 27, 2018

Try it yourself…

Select a property from our sample street below, and we’ll take you Behind the Bricks to tell you a handful of the things we know about it. For details of the full range of data we can provide, please see the Packs section below.

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Insurance Form Fill Pack
  • Th​is​ data pack is available now and is designed to greatly reduce consumer form​-​fill​ by ​allowing a call​ to the WhenFresh ​BehindTheBricks API to retrieve the required data. Multiple answers can be prefilled the moment an address is entered. This makes the process quicker & easier for consumers, reduces form abandonment and improves the quantity & quality of form completions.
Full WhenFresh API
  • In addition to the popular Off-The-Shelf "Insurance Form Prefill Pack", WhenFresh offers a full range of property-specific Topological, Geospatial, Environmental, Risk, Peril, Climate, Market and Valuations data items for a broad range of applications in Insurance customer acquisition, pricing, risk and back-book analysis.

BehindTheBricks API Development Leads

Co-Founder, Technical Director & Head of R&D
Alan Dean
Over 20 years experience. Previous work includes,,, Charteris
Consultant - Lead API Development
Sebastien Lambla
20 years experience in technical development solutions. Previous work includes McKinsey Solutions,, Just Eat, Credit Suisse
Head of Analytics
Ken Clemmer
20 years experience in data analytics and business strategy. Previous work Zoopla Property Group, Rapt Inc., Demand Solutions
Consultant - API Developer
Lee Gough
20 years experience; highly skilled in C#, ASP.NET, ASP.NET.MVC. Previous work Kinetic Worldwide, The ESP Group, NetConstruct Ltd